Planning the music list that will feature at your wedding should be one of the fun things that you do before your big day. However, if you do not do things the right way, you may end up feeling frustrated. Never underestimate the value of having good music at your wedding.


Why the Music in Your Wedding Matters

  • Helps in setting the mood: When the right music is oozing through the speakers or from a live band, as the bride and groom march through the room, they create memories that cannot be deleted.
  • Keeps guests entertained: The reason you invite guests to your wedding is so that they can have fun with you and help you in celebrating your big day. You should bear this in mind and make sure that even the music that you are having on the wedding day is good enough to get people dancing or singing along.
  • Reflects the taste of you and your spouse: One of the ways to get people who are coming to your wedding to know you is by giving them a playlist that represents your personality. You can even have a song that is composed specifically to tell your story. The songs in the playlist can be spread across different moments like the first dance, the songs to play at the reception and the one that will be played as the couple makes an entrance.
  • Seals good memories: Most people will admit that they remember the songs that were played on their wedding day. Even after the wedding is over, they will always cherish the songs that were played, and when they hear the sounds of the song, they will have a good feeling inside them. That is why the songs that are played should be carefully chosen. It gives them good memories after the wedding is over.