There is no doubt that having great music at a wedding has a big difference in the experience that the people who are attending will have. It not only helps in creating the right mood, but it is also a way to keep people entertained. There are different genres of music that can work at a wedding, but the playlist you have does not have to be restricted to the wedding. It can also be used for fun leisure activities.

Music That Can Be Used for Wedding and Leisure

  • Country music: This type of music is known for the sentimental message it carries. It has been a preferred choice for people who want a meaningful song to enter the ceremony. Additionally, it is a good choice for people who are engaging in leisure activities such as gambling. For those who are looking for recommendations on where to play, is a great page for Irish players who are looking for fun activities as they listen to music.
  • Pop music: For a fun-loving couple that is looking for some music to play on their big day, pop music comes highly recommended. Songs like I will follow you by Jon McLaughlin, and All About Your Heart by Mindy Gledhill have been known to appeal to many demographics and not just people who are getting wed.
  • R&B: For people who want to stand out and set the tone in their wedding, having R&B in the playlist is a great way to make people rise and dance. This is a good type of song to have at the reception when people are winding down. It is also great music to play when you are relaxing and in need of some entertainment.

Other song choices that can work for both wedding music and leisure music is rock and contemporary songs.