Hiring a wedding band can be a challenging experience, especially if you are doing it towards the day of the wedding. It is advisable to shortlist several potential bands and then do elimination based on various factors. To help in narrowing down the right band, you should think about asking them the right questions and ensuring that you get a satisfactory response:

Questions to Ask a Potential Band

  • What is their favourite song to play? This should help you easily find the song and know what to anticipate when the band is playing. It will also give a general direction on whether the songs that they have will match the theme of the wedding.
  • What is their price? By asking how much the band charges, you will be able to know if you can afford them or if you should look for other options. Finding how much it costs should also involve asking if there are any additional hidden charges that they may have left out of the contract.
  • Do they perform special requests? If you are thinking of having a specific song played maybe during the exchange of rings, cutting of the cake, or during the first dance, you should ask if it is something they are open to doing.
  • What is their schedule? It is always right to know how early the band can start playing, whether they will be taking breaks, and how long the breaks will be, Once you know the schedules of the band, you can plan on how to fill things up.
  • How many will they be? It makes sense to know how many band members will be at the wedding so that you plan where they will be positioned. You do not want to end up with people squeezed together because the wedding venue is too small. You should also ask about the type of instruments they will be bringing.