Having a wedding does not have to be an expensive thing. Even with a small budget, you can have a memorable day as long as you know how to cut on costs. Always remember that the marriage is about you and your spouse, so you should not overstretch yourself trying to please the guests.

Saving Money When It Is Time to Tie the Knot

  • Work through the guest list: You should carefully think through the guest list so that you do not end up with a bloated list of people who you have to feed and entertain. Think about whether you need to send a group invite to all your former schoolmates. You should just select a few of them who will appreciate spending time at your wedding.
  • Ask for help instead of gifts: If you have friends who have specific talents, such as photography, music, events management and any support that you may need, reach out and ask if they would like to give their skills as a gift.
  • Go minimal on the decorations: Most people will not remember the decorations at the wedding anyway, so be minimalist and straightforward, instead of blowing a budget on decorations.
  • Look for discounts: It is always easier to get discounts when you plan for your wedding early. You can reach out to the vendors, including where you are buying clothes and ask for reduced rates.
  • Go for affordable wedding bands: You and your partner do not need to splurge on the wedding ring. You can have a discussion on the affordable ones which you can get now. Then start working on how to buy a more expensive one, perhaps on your anniversary, if you feel a wedding band matters a lot in a marriage. This should also apply to the honeymoon destination.