Undoubtedly music can make or break the mood of a wedding. That is why everyone who is planning a wedding must carefully think through the type of music that they will have at the wedding. Some important details must be put into consideration when choosing the right music for weddings.

Guidance on How to Choose the Right Music for Weddings

  • Consider the theme of the wedding: The theme of the wedding will determine the kind of music that will be played at the wedding. If you are looking into a vintage themed wedding, then the music should probably be old school or something that will resonate with the theme.
  • Decide on whether to use a band or DJ: Depending on your preference, you should decide on whether you are going to hire a DJ or a group. You can also have a mix of both, like people who choose to have a band at the main event and a DJ at the reception.
  • Do some research: It helps to find some inspiration from other weddings. Check online for music inspirations from weddings that performed well and got people on their feet. You should also familiarize yourself with the different types of music that exist and how they can be used in the wedding.
  • Understand the audience: If you have invited a large group of guests, you should try and understand what their needs would be. What kind of people will be attending the wedding, and what would they love to listen to? This will be determined by their ages, culture and experience.
  • Sample it out: If you have a playlist, or you are hiring a band, you should make sure that you have sampled out the kind of music that they have before the wedding day. This gives you an opportunity to tweak things around.